TRIVIUM’s COREY BEAULIEU: ‘It’s Always Fun To See Where You Can Take The Music’

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TRIVIUM guitarist Corey Beaulieu was interviewed on the most recent episode of the “Talking Metal” podcast, which was recorded July 29 at the Heavy Montreal festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You can now listen to the chat below.

Asked why TRIVIUM has made it a point to release new music more frequently than most other bands in the same genre, Corey said: “We’re always writing stuff. And it’s great — three of us [in the band] all write, so the burden of writing a whole album is not falling on one person to carry the load. So when you have a record of 12 songs, and there’s three people writing, everyone can focus on bringing the best possible stuff instead of quantity. Even if one person writes one song, it could be the best song on the album, if you just focus in on it.

“We’re always writing, and the great thing about it is the best stuff… We just get into a room, and we might not have anything, and we just start screwing around and next thing you know, it’s, like, ‘Woah! We’ve gotta work on this. Something really cool can happen,'” he continued. “It’s all about that kind of garage-band [mentality] — just getting into a room and sweating it out and bouncing ideas off the wall.

“We like to write new stuff, and we’re always thinking concepts and where we wanna take in a certain direction, and that gets you excited to try some different things that maybe you didn’t do on the previous album,” he added. “So it’s always fun to see where you can take the music.”

Beaulieu went on to say that TRIVIUM is contemplating making some of its music available in something other than the traditional album format.

“We’re seeing everyone shifting more toward streaming and all the playlists… I guess it’s being more focused on a singles kind of thing, where if you have a single on a playlist, it could [go] viral or something,” he said. “So we’re looking into maybe trying to mix it up from [releasing] an album every two years by maybe doing something a little different — still focusing on trying to get some new material out sooner than later, but maybe not in the traditional album sense. We’re still waiting and seeing. But we’re definitely looking forward to doing something with getting some new content out to the fans in the near future.”

TRIVIUM‘s latest album, “The Sin And The Sentence”, was released last October via Roadrunner. The disc was recorded with producer Josh Wilbur (LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA) at Santa Ana, California’s Hybrid Studios. The LP features the band’s first recordings with new drummer Alex Bent, who joined the band in 2016.

TRIVIUM will continue its successful “The Sin And The Sentence” world tour with another leg of North American dates this fall. The band will hit the road on a headline run this October. The bill will feature very special guest AVATAR and LIGHT THE TORCH. The 25-date trek kicks off on October 3 in Tampa, Florida and runs through November 3 in Berkeley, California, with several stops in Canada.

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