Do you screen black metal bands to weed out blatant NSBM sentiments?

evil bands


Didn’t really know where to post this so if this goes against sub rules please delete. (Also ESL)

When I listen to black metal I’m always conscious of the message these guys are putting out. I feel like I’m an inclusive guy but I’m also someone who thinks supporting criminals and NSBM bands is disgusting. I see a lot of Burzum fans here and assume that at least some of you hate Varg for the crimes he’s commited but can somehow still appreciate his music.

What I want to know is:

Do you ever have an moral difficulty listening to a band that’s done horrible things in the past?

Have you stopped listening to a band because of this?

Do you seperate artist from music?

Recently a buddy of mine called me out when after I reccomended the most recent Taake album to him. His argument was that the guys are Nazis.

Personally I’m critical of all religions and think that there is a place to talk about Islam and Judaism (to an extent) in a genre that is centred around an antitheistic aesthetic. Not to get too political but I think I draw the line when it turns into prejudising against the people of that religion rather than say Islam or Christianity as an institution. So for me what Hoest said in the apology was undeniably shit and edgy.

That being said I don’t really know what to make of it now. I usually take the advice of friends under serious consideration but in this instance I’m torn and I’m definitely reluctant to throw away all the music that I’ve previously enjoyed from them. I really like their material and have a Taake shield on my jacket but I’m also of the mind that by listening to a band I’m endorsing their message.

Anyone had similar experiences?

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